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Organic Spiced Elderberry + Chaga Syrup (Sugar Free)

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New SUPER POTENT Formula with medicinal mushrooms. SUGAR FREE! 

Small batch herbal healing, made in-house. Slow-brewed in small batches for optimal healing.

Use this syrup to prevent and heal yourself from the common cold, flu + more!

Elderberry is considered by many herbalists to be nature’s alternative to Tamiflu. Tamiflu is a drug that is commonly used to "cure" influenza (flu + cold) [symptoms]. Elderberry works similarly. Elderberries work by preventing the virus from adhering to human cells and multiplying. Traditionally, elderberry preparations are taken as a precaution to prevent sickness before it even comes. Most commonly used around "Flu + Cold Season". In our syrup, we use Sambucus nigra, which is the most researched medically potent species of elderberry. Because it is so highly valued in Europe, it has been called the “medicine chest of country people”. It grows wild in most of Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia.

This syrup is self-preserving.

Adults take 2 TBS every 6 hours or as needed

Kids 7 + Take 1 TBS every 6 hours 

Toddlers take 1/2 TBS every 6-8 hours

Intention - Healing, Protection, Soothing, Nourishing, Immune Boosting

Ingredients - Certified Organic Elderberries, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Natural High-pH Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Chaga Mushrooms, Organic Echinacea Root, Fresh Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Nutmeg, Love.

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Organic Spiced Elderberry + Chaga Syrup (Sugar Free)
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Amazing!! itchy throat was gone in 20 minutes. Works amazingly. Had to get another one. So grateful for anuuma, will always continue to support