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Queen's Wash - Sacred Ceremonial Cleanser

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Our #1 Seller.

This cult classic was our first product created specifically for yoni health and it completely changed the game. Hundreds of 5 star reviews explain why it's the greatest, so we'll take the time out to tell you about it. 

Queen's Wash is an organic, gentle, bacterial fighting herb infused all-purpose cleanser. Although its core use is as a feminine wash (& masculine wash, as my husband uses it daily). It is also incredible as a face wash, yoni egg cleanser, fruit and vegetable cleanser, menstrual cup cleanser, baby wash and so much more! 

Once you use Queens Wash, you'll never go back to those other soaps or "feminine washes". Queens Wash keeps your yoni clean, moderately moist, and healthy. No need for ANY of those harsh detergents and fragrances. This gentle herbal wash will work with your body to keep you balanced, clean, fresh, and moist.

pH balanced.

A healthy yoni is a happy yoni.

Intention: Cleansing, Balancing, Bacterial Fighting, Healing 

Ingredients: Our House Organic Castile Soap, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Coconut oil, House Essential Oil Blend, House Botanical Blend, & Love.

8 oz 

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Queen's Wash - Sacred Ceremonial Cleanser
  • $38.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews

Loving the new label on this product. It's very neat and professional looking. Queen's Wash is my staple vaginal wash. I also use it on my face. Queen's Wash gets rid of all of the dirt, sweat and bacteria on my face (especially my eyebrows and eyelashes). Excellent multipurpose wash. Give yourself a loving gesture and get this.

Jewel, I appreciate you. This means so much to me! Thank you for being a part of the family.

From Yoni to Face

I discovered Anuuma Apothecary while scrolling my timeline on social media. And when I tell you that a divine moment. I said let me go take a peek at her online website. Soon I was watching your videos on IG and I purchased the Queens Wash. I was getting a dry feeling from the mass produced wash I had been using. I paid attention to that feeling and was determined to find something better..something healthier. When I tell you I was distraught when I couldn’t purchase the Queens Wash last yr. I decided to be grown and purchased a wash somewhere else. But it wasn’t the same, not even close. I just recently purchased 3 bottles and the Yoni Oil. Because come flood or storm, I don’t wanna be without Queens Wash. My husband uses it too. After trying and failing with skincare I’ll start adding this and yoni oil to my skincare and my tweens routine because if its gentle and cleansing to my yoni I can’t wait to see what it does for our skin. I feel good letting my daughter use this versus chemically loaded stuff we’ve tried in the past. I even use the yoni oil on my scalp & locs.

Sonya P.
Worth the Wait

You won't get your produce overnight or the next day but it is worth the wait. I have used Queen's wash then graduated to Goddess Wash. I never have any problems and its worth the price. No more antibiotics (which breakdown my immune system) for slight flair ups.

Crystal Cobb
Glow Baby Glow

Not that this product needs another review because if you KNOW you KNOW! And if you don't know, you might want to find out! OK!!

I have never had BV or any hormonal imbalances with my yoni. My face, on the other hand, was a bumpy mess before I started using Queen's Wash.

I have used Queen's Wash for the last nine years. My first purchase was on September 21, 2014. I fell in love with it the first I used it on my yoni eggs. I used the egg and then washed it with the Queens Wash. The finish was smooth, and I felt comfortable using my yoni egg again because I knew it was properly cleansed. So, now "I can meditate with my yoni eggs daily. PERFECT!" And that practice is still amazing.

Fast forward a month or two Anuumma sends an email saying we can use it as a daily yoni wash and a face wash. I thought, "this is not a cosmetic product... I should only use my acne wash and creams my doctor prescribed." But then my acne got worst. So I decided to use the Queen's Wash on my face. AND I have never looked back. My acne has cleared in about a week, maybe two. That was a long time ago now. My skin stays clear as long as I have Queen's Wash and now Goddess Wash in stock.

The result of using Queen's Wash and Goddess was every time I shower leaves my yoni cleansed and refreshed with no smell. All by the power of herbs and love.

Crys! I love and appreciate you. Thank you for rocking with me for so long. I do not take your support for granted. Grateful to be a part of your journey.
Sending you so much love,


Hi, Sisters!!! Lady Anuuma, thank you so very much for shouting out my review. Greatly appreciated. I've shared this product with friends and family. I absolutely love the pump bottle of Queen's Wash. I can control how much I use and not run out of product too quickly. The pump is also easier to travel with. Just put in your carry on and go! I'm so grateful for Queen's Wash. Very healing and the cleaning power is unsurpassed. Nothing compares. Nothing! Best Yoni Wash on Earth.