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Ritual Body Oil

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A relaxing, soothing, calming antiseptic remedy for anxiety, stress, headaches and dry sensitive skin. This is a true slow-infused healing oil, I'm talking 6+ weeks, slow. We slow steep organically grown lavender flowers into high-quality oil for 6+ weeks (shaken daily) to extract all of the benefits before we strain it and bottle it. It truly is a labor of love, but so worth it! Use this oil daily or as part of your self-love ritual. Rub it lovingly into the skin. It absorbs beautifully + smells amazing. - Aside from all of the great benefits of lavender, I made this because lavender always reminds me of my mother. Ceremonial white sage is ultra sacred, cleansing + healing and is great for lifting spirits + energy levels. 

Massage oil onto skin / hair as needed. Great for babies too, especially at bedtime. This is the oil that calmed my son's eczema. 

Intention - Soothing, Calming, Healing, Relaxing

Ingredients - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Chamomile, Organic Vanilla

4 oz glass bottle with dropper
Ritual Body Oil
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