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Queen's Oil - Bacterial Fighting Yoni Oil

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 Our Queens Oil is a daily bacterial fighting herbal vaginal oil. Intentionally brewed for keeping your yoni in tip top shape. Apply a few drops daily for maintenance, use as needed as a lubricant, or use internally to ward off and prevent infections. 

A beautiful blend of bacterial fighting oils and herbs to help balance your pH and treat/prevent infection, including: garlic, tea tree, myrrh, and more! 

Due to myrrh content in bacterial fighting formula, please avoid internal use during pregnancy. *not to be used with latex condoms*

Please apply the oil with your clean fingers (do not be afraid to touch your yoni!)

Slow brewed, gentle, yet potent. Organic and intentionally made.

You need both the wash + the oil to fully experience the magick! 

Our #2 Seller. Don't sleep on the dynamic duo.

Intention - Protection, Balance, Soothing, Healing.

Ingredients - Organic Oils, Proprietary organic botanical blend, love.

contains garlic + tree nuts

2 oz

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Queen's Oil - Bacterial Fighting Yoni Oil
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  • Daily Maintenance (4 oz) - Sold out - $64.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Amazing products

I have been a customer for a few years now and I have not been disappointed! Amazing products made with love and intention.

Queen's Oil

I've been using this oil for years, since the business name was Ashley's Naturals, and this is a brand I trust, especially with something so sacred. I've never had any problems with it

Mary pagano jimerson
Queens bacteria fighting yoni oil

We love it! Use a little daily and before applying to yoni add a little under the arms instead of deodorant tjis is a beautiful win for the womb man's body all around.Nya:weh! Thank you

Love it!!

I have been an on & off customer. More so off due to not having the funds to keep up with it. Once I was able to I ordered the wash and the 4oz oil as I know that’ll last me a while…well so I thought. I have noticed my oil was running out faster 🤔 so I decided to put my oil in my closet. That same night my 17yr old asks “mom where’s the yoni oil” so now it makes perfect sense…you’ve been using my oil too. “Yes it makes me feel fresher mom” as much as I want to be mad at her I can’t lol I think I’m going to buy her her own. I love the fact that the smell of the oil compared to years ago doesn’t have that extremely potent garlic smell to it (I still loved the oil potent & all) this will definitely be a staple in my home.

I was able to subscribe to the wash🙏🏾 so I’m happy about that! Now I’m looking at this as part of my self love/care regimen vs I can’t afford this. I can’t stand finding something I love to them I have to use something I don’t like them it causes issues like oh balance to be off, irritation etc. Herbs 🌿 are the way to go!!! Thank you thank you thank you❤️

Cesarae Irwin
Um I’ve been missing out.

Ive been following this company back when she was about to do a cookbook ( which I hope still happens🤞🏾) and had graduated from culinary school. I have been wanting to try this and the wash for years, never had the money when the time came, I finished my old feminine ( Honeypot wash) that I’ve been using for over 8 years. I wanted to take it to the next level. Fast forward to when the extra money came and the subscription was open. I jumped on it and read every review. This oil is AMAZING , I thought I was fresh before, but now my yoni is so balanced, and even more lubricated. I’ve had NO reaction whatsoever. I’m hooked now and combined with the Queens wash I’m ready to pop this thang on my bf 😂. I’m finally apart of this tribe. I’m never leaving. ❤️

Cesarae, I appreciate you. Welcome to the family! We're so happy to have you here.